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At Block IFA, we provide an ongoing, bespoke Lifestyle Financial Planning service that is designed to help you as an individual, a couple, or business owner.

We strongly believe in your personal uniqueness and at Block IFA this means we help you “wrap your money around your life and not your life around your money.” What does this mean in practical terms? First, we identify what you want to do with your life, then we create a personalised Lifestyle Financial Plan that will help you achieve your life goals.

Our service is not just about planning for your future, it includes doing what you can right now to improve your lifestyle. It is important that none of us focus so much on the future, that we forget to “enjoy the journey of life”. Would you agree? We have enjoyed helping many clients make immediate changes to their lives, such as switching from full time work to part time work, enabling them to enjoy their lifestyle much more.

Naturally, we need to gather in a comprehensive way all the relevant information about your financial assets, income, expenditure, investments, pensions, cash, insurances, employment, etc. and analyse these in detail. This information is then used in our lifetime 'cash flow modelling' programme as an integral part of our professional services. This is especially important for those close to their retirement because it will deal with the concern of “will I ever run out of money?”

We help you to plan with confidence and peace of mind. By adopting an "holistic" approach to financial planning and financial advice, including a personalised financial plan, you will be able to feel more positive about your present and future life goals.

At Block IFA, we specialise in Retirement and Investment Planning, and our service is particularly beneficial for those close to, and beyond, retirement. We can advise and help you with all the difficult retirement planning decisions.

Our holistic ongoing service incorporates every financial need that you may have including pension advice and retirement planning, investments, IHT and estate planning, tax planning, trusts, mortgage advice, all forms of insurance protection (including business protection, buildings and contents insurance, commercial insurance, etc.) along with other areas such as Long Term Care planning, Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

We provide an initial, face to face 'get to know you meeting' without charge. You can also simply have a relaxed talk with either Stephen or Mark over the telephone, so please feel free to ring us on 01636 678698 to do just that! (Please also see our Contact Details section).

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Stephen & Mark Block

Telephone: 01636 678698
Email: enquiries@blockifa.co.uk